Live Experiences

We love to arrange highly customized and unique playful experiences. We can easily remake any of our previous projects but we got plenty of fresh ideas so we don’t mind sharing some of them.

[content_block title=”Underground 50s Club & Illegal Casino” icon=””]
We want to run a series of events and evening parties, set in an illegal Club & Casino during the 50s. This is a simulation, the gambling is simulated but the drinks are real, as well as a real dodgy stand up comedian and live swing band. Are you a grifter, a corrupt cop or a gangster? Maybe just a customer who accidentally wondered into the hottest club in town.
[symple_skillbar title=”CONCEPT PARTY” percentage=”100″ color=”#1F2A2A” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”ENTERTAINMENT” percentage=”60″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”INTERACTIVE” percentage=”40″ color=”#00A4A7″ show_percent=”true”]
Something else may be happening, several factions converge in this underworld and disputes are settled in the back room? How about a round of high stakes Russian roulette?

[content_block title=”Civil Defense Olympics” icon=””]
We want to create a large scale Emergency Response Simulation where teams of professionals (Police, Fire Fighters, Red Cross, etc…) and amateurs compete for the best reactions/times. This is a disaster simulation with multiple instances, or maybe a gauntlet, for example in Baana (downtown Helsinki).
[symple_skillbar title=”DISASTER SIMULATION” percentage=”100″ color=”#1F2A2A” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”ACTION GAME” percentage=”50″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”SPORTS” percentage=”50″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
We could just as easily just throw in some search for Survivor and avoid the Zombies into the scenario and make it into an epic live action game.

[content_block title=”Demons & Daiquiris” icon=””]
A sea side resort and conference centre in Lisbon (Portugal), next to UNESCO site with a Masonic playground? A large group of people on what looks like a company retreat have joined an obscure cult and will soon perform an ancient ritual. (Yes, we already have the location for this).
[symple_skillbar title=”ACTION HOLIDAY” percentage=”100″ color=”#1F2A2A” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”SUMMONING BARTENDERS” percentage=”60″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”SEA SUN & SAND” percentage=”40″ color=”#00A4A7″ show_percent=”true”]

[content_block title=”Zombie Theme Park” icon=””]
Remember that french TV show from the 90s with physical puzzles and lions in a fortress in the ocean? It’s called Fort Boyard. We want to do that kind of thing with Zombies in Finland.
[symple_skillbar title=”THEME PARK ADVENTURE” percentage=”100″ color=”#1F2A2A” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”PHYSICAL CHALLENGES” percentage=”60″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”PUZZLE GAMES” percentage=”40″ color=”#00A4A7″ show_percent=”true”]
This would make a great TV/Web Series. We already have the a team to run it and a large abandoned factory (see Death Industries LLC), we just need sponsors.

[content_block title=”Hot Atoms and Cold Drinks” icon=””]
We want to throw a fancy cocktail party in an Underground Soviet Nuclear Facility. Yes, we already scouted and actual Underground Soviet Nuclear Facility. When’s your next office or launch party?
[symple_skillbar title=”EPIC OFFICE PARTY” percentage=”100″ color=”#1F2A2A” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”GLOWING COCKTAILS” percentage=”50″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”LIVE DJs & VISUALS” percentage=”50″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
How about a team building, horror survival simulation instead?
[symple_skillbar title=”HOROR SURVIVAL” percentage=”100″ color=”#1F2A2A” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”ACTION GAME” percentage=”50″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”PURE FEAR” percentage=”50″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]

[content_block title=”No Escape, Room” icon=””]
We want to make a Room Escape game where there is no escaping. This should happen in a Prison or a building basement. So what happens? After 1h or so, when the players realise there is no escape we make them believe this is a reality TV show and they are being held hostage and filmed.
[symple_skillbar title=”SIMULATION” percentage=”100″ color=”#1F2A2A” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”GAME & REALITY TV” percentage=”60″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”KIDNAPPING” percentage=”40″ color=”#00A4A7″ show_percent=”true”]
How long is long enough? 6, 12, 24, 48 hours? Until their family stops making payments? Oh wait that’s a different project…

[content_block title=”Pervasive Bootlegging” icon=””]
Welcome to prohibition, are you a customer, a bootlegger or a police officer? Corruption, mafia and debauchery. How can we make this into a citywide pervasive experience without getting into real trouble? This is a work in progress…
[symple_skillbar title=”IT’S LIKE WAPPU” percentage=”100″ color=”#1F2A2A” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”REAL BOOZE” percentage=”60″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”GAME” percentage=”40″ color=”#00A4A7″ show_percent=”true”]

[content_block title=”The Institute” icon=””]
A pervasive game, a citywide conspiracy in what turns out to lead to a series of New Age self improvement seminars, just for fun. A harmless motivational, inspirational and be your better self kind of thing that is part joke part serious fun.
[symple_skillbar title=”NEW AGE ENLIGHTMENT” percentage=”100″ color=”#1F2A2A” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”EASTER EGG HUNT” percentage=”60″ color=”#1F7C7D” show_percent=”true”]
[symple_skillbar title=”ARG GAME” percentage=”40″ color=”#00A4A7″ show_percent=”true”]
Augmented reality, combined with pervasive gaming and puzzle solving that leads to secret gatherings.

Go ahead, steal our ideas, we’ll even help if someone else wants to give them a try.