Games Factory

We are currently undergoing some serious efforts in order to establish the “Helsinki Games Factory” project, undergoing negotiations with several institutional partners, games studios, financiers and stakeholders.

The “Helsinki Games Factory” can potentially become the largest startup hub dedicated to the gaming industry in Europe, physical location dedicated to gathering and expanding the gaming community and host a whole series of games and game like activities.

Hosting a series of facilities and an infrastructures to foster and help new comers and game entrepreneurs to grow. It is also intended as a welcoming space and a connecting point for all sorts of experts and newcomers, a playground for hobbyists and indie developers, a bridge between newer generations and industry giants that live, work and play in the greater Helsinki area.

A place where people can gather to play games but also a hub that aims to generate and share the knowledge and tools required to create new games: from digital and mobile games, to table top roleplay and boardgames, as well as all sorts of physical, pervasive, participatory and live action games.

We aim to host games library as well as maintaining a collection of playing and gaming devices, arrange talks and discussion panels, workshops, testing and prototyping sessions, rehearsals and after work gatherings. Any kind of activities that related to games and playfulness.

Practical Information

This project is not live yet but as of August 2016 we have initiated public discussion, reached out to new partners and negotiations regarding potential venues are ongoing.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in knowing more or cooperate.