Inside Job Agency

Our manifesto:

Fighting Demoralization, a Cultural Revolution.

We’ve been organizing public participatory events and experiences. What does that mean? Riding the Metro without pants, putting on make up and growling and sloshing like Zombie downtown, recreating the Kekri rituals in Suomenlinna, organizing an Illegal Underground Vampire Rave, etc…

Why is this important? Because we need more playfulness, human to human interaction and entertainment which is not purely commercial. Because more participation is needed in all aspects of public life and city culture. The wellbeing of a society requires a cultural infrastructure, one which can provide you with a sense of identity and belonging, co-operative activities that weave people into a community, shared rituals and beliefs. We have an epidemic of demoralization that shares some symptoms with depression so what’s needed is to treat a sick culture rather than sick individuals. We are long overdue a cultural revolution.

Plans for the future? We have plans, we have ideas, you can read some of them in Future Plans. We’ll happily meet and discuss them with anyone interested in cooperating.

Jose Jacome

About us:

Inside Job ry is a Cultural Association currently based in Helsinki but with a network of partners in several countries and big ideas. First and foremost we actively works towards creating a new playful urban culture in Helsinki, spearheading a new wave of public, participatory and open events.

We see a Society that is thirsty on technology yet starved for human contact, so we focus on creating alibis for human to human interaction. Drawing inspiration from groups such as Improv Everywhere, urban games and odd fringe events or any initiative that gives us an excuse to be playful and get together with other people.

We are always looking for new partners and interested in all sorts of cooperations. We are also available for hire, does your CEO need kidnapping? Colleagues need rescue from another boring team building afternoon? Contact us.


Inside Job:

An ‘Inside Job’ is an action executed by persons with a position of trust who are authorized to access a location or procedure with little or no supervision. People with specialized knowledge necessary to facilitate the mission!


a·gen·cy (noun);
1. the capacity of an entity to act in any given environment.
2. a business with agents that negotiate deals for clients.
3. an administrative division of a government or international body.

Cultural: (association)

1. cultural (adj); of or relating to artistic or social pursuits or events considered to be valuable or enlightened.
2. cross-cultural (adj); involving or bridging the differences between cultures
3. cultural revolution (noun); a mass movement to revolutionize the attitudes and behaviour of the people.

Media Coverage

Look, we’re on TV and Radio and Newspapers and Blogs and Social Media…
‘We hunt, we prey, we raise the dead, we rustle some feathers, we play together and have fun in public. Look at them looking at us!’
Did you write about something we did? Send us a message and we will link to your blog / article / page.

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WPF: Helsingin Sanomat
WPF:Ilta Sanomat
WPF: Nyt

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EoL: Helsingin Sanomat
EoL: Helsingin Sanomat #2

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EoL: Tuomas Puikkonen (Flickr Album)
EoL: Singen Sternenreise (Photo Blog)
EoL: Darker Days Radio (Podcast)

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More images on Flickr – Zombie Walk Helsinki
Zombie Run Trailer using footage from the Zombie Walk

More videos on Youtube – Zombie Walk Helsinki

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22.1.2015 > Helsingin Sanomat
Metroon ilman housuja – kansainvälistä villitystä yritetään tuoda hyiseen Helsinkiin.
22.1.2015 > Metro.Fi
Helsingin metrossa ajellaan pian kalsareissa.
29.1.2015 > Radio Helsinki – #Päiväkämmit Radio Show
Päiväkämmeissä puhuttiin No Pants Sub­way Ri­de -tempauksesta
1.2.2015 > Helsingin Sanomat
Housuttomat huvittivat metrossa: “Sivullinenkin innostui tempaisemaan housut pois”
1.2.2015 > Metro.Fi
Housuttomat huvittivat metrossa: “Sivullinenkin innostui tempaisemaan housut pois”
1.2.2015 > Ilta-Lehti
Housuttomat hämmensivät muita: Paljas pinta vilkkui Helsingin metrossa

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2.3.2015 > > Helsingin Sanomat
Piknik valtasi metroaseman
2.3.2015 > Metro.Fi
Metrossa housutta seikkailleet pitivät kesäisen piknikin Kampin metroasemalla