• Inside Job
Inside Job

An Inside Job is carried out by a person with a position of trust who is authorized to access a location or procedure with little or no supervision.


Agency (noun), 1- the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. 2- the capacity of an agent (a person or entity) to act in a world.

Cultural Association

We set out to combine existing spheres and cultural movements and create a new culture, imprinting a lasting positive effect on those with whom we come across. We are an open invitation for participation and an alibi for interaction.

We make things happen!


  • Solmukohta 2016, Nordic Larp Convention
    • This is the 20th edition and will take place in Helsinki and on a Ferry between Helsinki and Stockholm – Mar 2016
  • Zero Hour 2016, Helsinki Zombie Survival Festival
    • 2nd Edition, location TBA – Summer 2016
  • Hoth Con 2016, Finnish Star Wars Convention
    • 2nd Edition, location TBA – Autumn 2016
  • WorldCon 75, World Science Fiction Convention
    • This is the 75th edition but the 1st time it will take place in Finland, Messukeskus, Helsinki – Aug 2017



We design, plan and execute all sort of participatory activities and experiences. We also run a series of mischievous form of guerrilla actions, transforming the city into a playground and bring public spaces back to life.


We create fan based, community driven public events open for all, in order to promote all sorts of works and celebrate the artists behind them. We are an attempt to slow down mainstream culture and avoid profit driven entertainment from becoming the only option.


Culture does not have a defined form, nor does it have defined borders, instead it has a series of gravitational centres. We connect to many different cultures, connecting them to various audiences and engaging with local businesses and institutions.


Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Aalto (university),

AYY (Aalto student association),

Camp Degero (military simulations),

Finnish Comics Society (Helsinki comics festival),

FOX Finland (TV Network),

Goofin Records (record label),

Haaga-Helia (university),

Head Hunter Store (collectibles and custom props),

HKL / Taidelinja (Helsinki metro),

Horror Shop (all things creepy),

Kamppi (shopping centre),

Lasipalatsi (film and media centre),

mBar (bar),

Poromagia (board games and hobby shop),

Punanaamio (masquerades and parties specialists),

Red Cross/ Blood Bank (Finnish humanitarian institution)

Ropecon (roleplaying association),

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress (UNESCO world heritage site),

Supreme (vintage furniture),

Taike, (arts promotion centre Finland),

Tokyo (Aalto arts student association),

Training Camp Korjaamo (training center),

Varusteleka (military surplus store),

Weird Antiques (vintage memorabilia),

ZombieWalk Helsinki (zombie enthusiasts).


We are continuously looking for further cooperation and partnerships. Please contact us if you are interested in participatory experiences or require skilled help organising events.

Field reports!

Strange things will happen and we may or may not be involved, here is an account of recent occurrences.

Experiment Zero #2 – Romantic Dinner for Two… Hundred!
Our next mission is on the 28th of February, 2015 in Kamppi Metro Station.
Experiment Zero #1 – No Pants Subway Ride
Here is a recap of Mission #1 with Video, Photos and Press Coverage.