We Make Cool Things Happen!


What we do?

We design, plan and execute all sorts of unique participatory experiences and events.

We ride the Metro With No Pants, we organize Underground Vampire Raves in abandoned hospitals, we arrange Zombie Invasions in dense urban areas and amusement parks, we create Survival Games that have no survivors, we bring ancient practices and rituals back to life in UNESCO sites, we also facilitate mass Pillow Warfare… but that’s just the start.

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What can we do?

Hire us, we can bring crazy ideas to life and are ready to take you down the rabbit hole.

Run an Illegal 50s Casino, setup a network of Bootleggers during Prohibition, create a large scale Civil Defense Emergency Simulation Olympics, to open a Zombie Theme Park or take over an Abandoned Factory, make a Room Escape with no Escape in a Prison, to bring a large crowd to a simulated obscure cult practicing ancient rituals in a Masonic Playground, to throw a cocktail party in an Underground Soviet Nuclear Facility.

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Who are we?

Drop us a line, we are always looking for new projects and partners.

Inside Job Ry is a Helsinki based Cultural Association with big plans. We actively works towards creating a new playful urban culture, spearheading a new wave of public, participatory and open events as well as custom private happenings. We make friends, we knock on doors, we have partners, we know things, people and places, it’s an Inside Job!

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Recent Projects

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Helsinki, Public
Abattoir Funhouse
White Wolf Publishing / Odysee
Helsinki, Horror, Private
End of the Line – World of Darkness
Helsinki, Public
Zero Hour 2016
Solmukohta 2016
Helsinki, Public
Edu-Larp 2016
Visible Climate

Inside Job:

An 'Inside Job' is an action executed by persons with a position of trust who are authorized to access a location or procedure with little or no supervision. People with specialized knowledge necessary to facilitate the mission!


a·gen·cy (noun); 1. the capacity of an entity to act in any given environment. 2. a business with agents that negotiate deals for clients. 3. an administrative division of a government or international body.

Cultural: (association)

1. cultural (adj); of or relating to artistic or social pursuits or events considered to be valuable or enlightened. 2. cross-cultural (adj); involving or bridging the differences between cultures 3. cultural revolution (noun); a mass movement to revolutionize the attitudes and behaviour of the people.