Experience Based Events

New Urban Culture

Creating a new playful urban culture, spearheading a wave of public experience based and participatory events.

Inspire and Execute

We design, plan and execute events and experiences. With plenty of crazy ideas waiting to come to life we are ready to take you down the rabbit hole.

Engagement and Community Building

We create alibis for human to human interaction. Drawing inspiration from groups such as Improv Everywhere, urban games, odd fringe events or any initiative that gives us an excuse to get together with others and be playful.







Wanna run an Illegal 50s Casino? Setup a network of Bootleggers during Prohibition? Create a large scale Civil Defence Emergency Simulation Olympics? Open a Zombie Theme Park or take over an Abandoned Factory? Make a Room Escape with no Escape, in a Prison? Bring a large crowd to a simulated obscure cult practicing ancient rituals in a Masonic Playground or throw a cocktail party in an Underground Soviet Nuclear Facility? You found the right partners!

Media and Communications

Video Production

We have a collective of media experts, experienced in recording, post production and editing of Audio, Photography and Film.


We can execute your vision or help you plan and produce the whole project, secure locations and source equipment.

Marketing and Communications

With professional and working experience in Marketing and Communications we can help you find your media voice.


Using the right tone and visual language we can create engaging media that suits your needs, even when you are not sure what they are.

Fast and Flexible

Did you just create a new Startup? Launching a Game? Need a feature or pitch video fast? We’re ready to go.


Organising or taking part in a cool event? We can have a sit down and design the way to show how cool you are but we can also jump right in, run and gun!

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Ongoing and Recurrent Projects

Hacker Movement Finland

(Early) January

Disobey.fi : Annual non-commercial conference around the topic of cybersecurity and responsible hacking, featuring star speakers, workshops, and hacking challenges.

Our vision: Encourage hacker culture, and bring together like minded individuals at a gathering to share information and to train the skills our adversaries use against us.

Our goal: Foster a vibrant community of creators, makers, and breakers. We value encouragement, creativity, and sharing, and believe everyone can teach us something about the world.

Maker Movement Finland

(Early) Autumn + Road show

Wärk Fest: A public annual trade fair and show that brings together all kinds of enthusiasts of DIY electronics and projects, combining educational content and practical workshops, with local business and maker spaces.

Our vision: Encourage people of all ages to engage in creative technology and fabrication projects of all kinds. To engage people and give them the drive to experiment, to learn, to be creative and to share their acquired knowledge, expertise and tools.

Our goal: To engage the general public with  the maker culture. Giving the spotlight and discovering new young talents. Engage educational institutions to have more practical and stimulating hand-on learning processes in their curriculum and connect them with a wide network of existing content tutors and content providers.


Our 5 year birthday

12 July 2004

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John Doe CEO@google.com

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About us

Inside Job Ry is a Helsinki based Cultural Association with big ideas.

We make friends, we knock on doors, we have partners, we know things, people and places, that’s why we call it an Inside Job!

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We are @ Maria01Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00101 Helsinki
Call us+358 44 971 6096
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